The Hydrogen Group's Development Plan

    The Hydrogen Group has a potential multi-billion-dollar opportunity in diesel-fueled methods of transportation with its multi-patented product.

   The Hydrogen Group’s objective is to substantially increase miles per gallon and reduce pollution in diesel-fueled methods of transportation including: 3.6 million heavy-duty trucks that haul 70% of the freight in the USA; military diesel-fueled vehicles including 6,000 Humvees; and the Maritime diesel-fueled ships. The Company was launched to achieve these objectives by utilizing the expertise of professionals in automotive technology, finance, marketing, sales and management. The initial focus is planned to be the heavy-duty trucking industry. These trucks travel more than 100,000 miles per year. The Company’s unique invention is estimated to save operators and owners 27% on diesel fuel costs, which equals a return on investment of less than 12 months. We have established our “Proof of Concept” and are proceeding toward the “Market Ready” stage. Management is planning to utilize the PIT Group through their “Go to Market” program. They serve the transportation industry with 35 engineers and clients worldwide.

   The Hydrogen Group’s Future is Brighter Than Ever and we are currently accepting limited investment capital. You may contact our Investment Banker for terms. Jack Myers, O: (619) 749-2460; M: (619) 249-5926;

   The Hydrogen Group Revenues and EBITDA are estimated to grow ten-fold from year one to year three. 

   The Hydrogen Group’s goals are; 1) to make a difference by saving money and improving the environment; 2) to provide a superior return on investment for its shareholders. 

   Information, estimates, projections, forecasts and assumptions contained in this web site have been assembled by the management of The Hydrogen Group. While reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information contained in this web site, the reader should realize that the information and projections contained herein are based upon assumptions about the business, the industry and the economy. Any changes in the business of The Hydrogen Group, the state of the automotive industry and the economy, in general, could have an impact on the information and disclosures contained herein and the impact could be material. 140






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