About The Hydrogen Group

     The Hydrogen Group has a potential multi-billion-dollar opportunity in diesel-fueled methods of transportation with its multi-patented product. The Company is an Orlando, Florida based corporation with the goals being to significantly reduce fuel costs while also reducing emissions. 

     Our First Patent was issued January 15, 2019 (10,180,119)

     Our Second Patent was issued April 28, 2020 (10,634,098)

   The Hydrogen Group also filed a third Patent application April 20, 2020. The Multi-Patented technology essentially produces Hydrogen on the Go™ which is a supplement to diesel fuel powered trucks and is generated on demand. It is a system and method of providing HHO gas effectively delivered to the engine while the truck is moving and significantly improves performance. It is also described as HHO on the Go™ No fuel station infrastructure is needed. Vapor is the emissions by-product. This results in reduced exhaust emission. The invention causes the engine to run cooler while also increasing octane. There is no risk of explosion and it does not affect the engine warranty.

   Transportation Research Center completed an independent Tests Report. The six days of performance tests confirmed our R&D results that our invention reduces diesel fuel costs by 27%. It also reduces emissions by more than 25%, which lowers the carbon footprint. We estimate annual savings of $15,000 for each of the millions of heavy-duty trucks.

  The Hydrogen Group has established “Proof of Concept” and is proceeding toward the “Market Ready” stage. The Company has retained a Business Consulting firm that specializes in DOD Grants funding and entry into the CRADA Program.

  Management is planning to utilize the PIT Group through their “Go to Market” program. They serve the transportation industry with 35 engineers and clients worldwide.

   The Hydrogen Group's strategy is to build its business in the automotive industry with the initial focus being on the heavy-duty trucking companies. 


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